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Hello! My name is Thao (pronounced: Tao).
It's a pleasure to meet you and welcome to the Saving Asian! :)

If you're new to couponing, be forewarned...  it takes a lot of time & patience. There was a time when I gave up due to the amount of time it took to organize and plan my trips. Then I realized how much money I was losing so I jumped back on the band wagon. You just need to find a way that's easy for YOU. My family was in awe. My friends were like "Whaaaa?!" and that is how The Saving Asian was born (2011). 

When I'm not busy looking for deals, I work at a Dermatologist Office as a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Medical Assistant/Surgical Assistant. I also run my small business, eves. That is the reason why I do not post as often as other websites BUT I will only post the BEST deals! :)

It took only 10 years, but I married my husband in Hawaii on March 2016.

And in 2018, we welcomed our daughter, Everly, into the world.

As a new mom, you will find authentic stories about my mothering journey and how to live frugally. I hope to inspire others with valuable tips and honest stories to make motherhood relatable, and beautiful.

Thank you in advance for contacting me! :) It’s readers like you who inspire me to write and share on this blog. I also love collaborating with brands whose vision aligns with mine. 

This blog, along with my growing social media channels, have reach over one million views and have over 500+ followers.

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The Saving Asian has been featured across multiple media outlets, and social media publications!