Hands-On Art Projects with KiwiCo! & Everly LOVED it!

I’m always on the lookout for fun toddler activities to do with Everly (who is 2 years old if you didn't know).

Going for strolls through the park and mall are great, but sometimes we need a little downtime at home. And if you know toddlers, you know they need stuff to do, even during downtime! I try to find fun and engaging projects for her to do; otherwise she'll ending up doing things like causing mass destruction in her bedroom :|

Initially I would set up some DIY activities that I found online or on social media. Although these projects seemed easy to make, in reality they take approximately half an hour to put together. I would have to search around for it, order the supplies and then set it up. And after the time and effort and expense, I never knew if she would enjoy them or how long they would keep her active for. Then there was the learning element. I felt like she could be doing an activity that helped her to discover something new at the same time.

Since my iPhone can read my thoughts, I suddenly started seeing ads on both Facebook and Instagram for toddler subscription services. One ad that caught my eye was KiwiCo

KiwiCo is a fun and educational subscription-based service, meaning that when you sign up, you decide the terms on which you’ll receive the boxes and how you’ll be charged for them. You may opt for a monthly subscription, or prepay for three, six, or 12 months, respectively, for a lower cost per box. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your term unless you decide to cancel.

You can choose from:

Panda Crate – 0 to 24 months – Activities for babies to explore and discover
Koala Crate – Ages 2-4 – Stuff to help toddlers play and learn
Kiwi Crate – Ages 5-8 – Teaches young kids art, science, and more
Atlas Crate – Ages 6-11 – Focuses on geography and world culture
Doodle Crate – Ages 9-16+ – For the young artist
Tinker Crate – Ages 9-16+ – For the young scientist or engineer
Eureka Crate – Ages 14+ – Engineering and design activities for teenagers and beyond

Inside each box, you’ll typically find a handful of items that relate to the theme of the box (which will differ based on what you’ve chosen for your subscription), but expect to see items like:

Arts & crafts
Hands-on learning activities
Science experiments
Toys and puzzles
Art projects
And more

Prices start at $19.95 per monthly box (or as low as $16.95 when you prepay for a year) and go up to $29.95 (or as low as $24.95 with a full-year term).

They also offer an online store where you can purchase one-off boxes, but these cost more than one would pay with a subscription: $24.95 vs. $16.95 for the least expensive options.

Overall, Everly had tons of fun with the craft aspect of the activities — sticking things together and decorating it.

Since she’s only 2, Everly still needed some help to complete the craft task. But this may be different for slightly older kids. For the fishing game, I played with her once and she grasped the concept on the different animals and colors she had to fish out. Whenever she gets bored now, she'll ask me to join her in 'Fishing'.

Overall, we had an absolute blast with our Koala 'Ocean Games' Crate. The instructions were clear, the activities were fun, and clean up was extremely easy overall.

Disclaimer: I purchased the KiwiCo with my own money. The price was a tad bit high BUT KiwiCo often has deals where you can purchase a box for up to 40% off! They’re amazing for gifts or a special occasion, or just to try out something a little different for a few months!

All in all, educational subscription boxes are great if:

* You want to enjoy activities with your kids without spending time preparing and setting up.
* You’re looking for interactive educational activities for your child to do at home.
* You want a special activity for your child to look forward to each month.
* You want to spend some bonding time with your child through making fun projects together.

These subscription boxes may not be for you if:

* You’re a really crafty parent with lots of supplies on hand— you may find it easy to set up your own projects.

BUT, if you need new crafting ideas, KiwiCo has a DIY Ideas corner for you :) There's something for everyone on KiwiCo!

I purchased the Koala Crate with my own money. My opinions are honest and my own. Any links you click on are affiliate links and I may get some compensation if you purchase a crate of your own.