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3 New Menu Items Arriving Sep 14th | Chick-Fil-A

Chocolate chip brownies near an iced coffee and beverage from Chick Fil A

Starting September 14th, participating Chick-fil-A restaurants will have three brand new menu items!

The new offerings include Chocolate Fudge Brownies, a new blend of Thrive Farmers Hot Coffee, and Mocha Cream Cold Brew!

Chick Fil-A brownie and coffee

The new Fudge Brownies feature creamy, rich semisweet chocolate and fudgy chunks that have been folded into a chocolate batter. They are individually wrapped for maximum freshness or you can order a full catering tray if you’re feeding a crowd (or just really like brownies)!

two cups of chick fil-a coffee

Coffee lovers can cheer over the new hot coffee blend by Thrive Farmers that is available in both regular and decaf! This custom blend offers notes of smooth caramel and a nutty finish. Plus this coffee has outperformed Chick-fil-A’s consumer taste tests when put up against their previous blend.

Chik Fil-A Mocha Cream Cold Brew

Last but not least, the new Mocha Cream Cold Brew is the ideal pick-me-up just about any time of day! This tasty beverage is a mouth-watering blend of cold-brewed coffee, sweet cream and chocolate-flavored syrup, all blended together and served over their notorious nugget ice!