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Return Damaged or Unwanted Groceries from Your Home | Walmart

Walmart Customer Service area

Walmart is currently developing a new online returns process that will allow customers to return damaged or unwanted groceries without ever leaving the house! They have applied for a patent that gives us a peek at how this new system of returns might look.

Under the new system, customers would be able to use an app to scan a product’s bar code, provide a reason for the return, and request a refund. The app would then perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether an in-person return is required. Sometimes it costs more to process a return than an unusable product is worth. In these cases, customers will receive a refund or credit without having to return their item to the store!

Walmart’s new return process would have built-in fraud protection, too. Anyone requesting too many returns in a certain time period would be flagged and prevented from using the online return process in the future.

There’s no word from Walmart regarding when they hope to have this new return process up and running, but it looks like it has been in the works for a while. Although the patent application was only recently published, the company applied for the patent back in January of 2019.