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FREE Oil Changes & Car Cleaning (for Healthcare Professionals) | Mazda

Mazda sign outside dealership
Mazda has announced that it will provide FREE standard oil changes and enhanced car-cleaning services for U.S. healthcare workers at participating Mazda dealerships nationwide.
This Essential Car Care program is currently scheduled to run through May 4th, 2020 and allows each qualifying healthcare worker to receive the service on one car between now and the end of the program.
This program is available for most standard passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs – not just Mazda vehicles! Certain vehicles, including exotic vehicles, classic cars, offroad vehicles, automobiles with greater than 8-quart engine oil capacity, or any other vehicles with special manufacturer requirements are excluded.
All active healthcare workers in eligible U.S. medical facilities may utilize this program. Healthcare workers will be asked to show proof of occupation, such as a valid employment ID badge or a pay stub.