Check-In Baggage Fees Increasing!

Bloomberg is reporting that United Airlines has raised checked-baggage fees by $5, following a similar move by JetBlue Airways in January. The first checked bag on United will now cost $35 each way, and the cost of a second checked bag will increase to $45.
The fee changes apply to domestic and short-haul international travel to Latin American and the Caribbean beginning on March 6th. Anyone who bought their tickets before Friday, February 21st will be exempt from the increase and pay the original rate of $30 and $40, respectively.
Other major airlines are likely to follow with price increases of their own. United, Delta, and American were all eager to match JetBlue’s previous bag fee increase in 2018.
If you’d like to avoid United’s latest increase, you can still do so by prepaying for your checked bags online at least 24 hours in advance. The checked-bag prices will remain at $30 and $40 for those who opt to pay before online check-in.