Furikake at Trader Joes?!

Furikake Tofu Fries with seasoning and dipping sauce
Trader Joe’s is now selling its own Furikake, a blend of tiny, confetti-like strips of dried nori seaweed, black & white sesame seeds, salt, and kelp powder, with no added MSG!
Trader Joe’s Nori Komi Furikake is available in 1.95-ounce jars for $2.49.

You’ll find it in the same aisle as the grocer’s other seasonings & spices. In addition to its traditional applications, TJ’s recommends sprinkling its furikake seasoning on eggs, salads, ramen, veggies, popcorn, avocados, fries or anything else you’d like to infuse with a crunchy little kick of salt, sesame, and oceanic flavors!