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Flights to Hawaii . As low as $278 | Hawaiian Airlines

beach with sand, water, waves and trees

Through January 24th, Hawaiian Airlines is offering select roundtrip flights from Hawaii to the U.S. Mainland for as low as $278!
These low fares are available for travel only on select days of the week from 1/27/2020 through 3/11/2020 and are valid only for travel in the Economy (coach) cabin.
  • San Jose, CA to Maui, HI -> $278 roundtrip
  • Los Angeles, CA to Kona, HI -> $298 roundtrip
  • San Diego, CA to Maui, HI -> $298 roundtrip
  • Oakland, CA to Lihue, HI -> $278 roundtrip
  • Las Vegas, NV to Maui, HI -> $338 roundtrip
  • San Francisco, CA to Oahu, HI -> $318 roundtrip