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LEGO Advent Calendar . $22.99 | Costco

price tag in store by toy display

Costco is offering LEGO City Town Advent Calendar or the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar for $22.99!
*May also be found on-line.
The LEGO City Town Advent Calendar includes 234 pieces, 7 minifigures (including Santa) and a husky dog figure! There are 24 different items featuring a snowmobile, snow fort, cooking stove, rocking chair, fireplace, Advent Christmas tree, grandfather clock & more! Open a door each day and build something from the town! When the kiddos are done, they’ll have a fun new set of LEGOS and Christmas will be here!
display with boxes of LEGOS in store
The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar includes 330 pieces, a Mia mini-doll figure, hamster, penguins & more figures! There are 24 items featuring a cake, snowflake, gingerbread house, train, gift boxes, Christmas tree, walkie-talkie, stockings, sewing machine and more! Kiddos can put these on the tree or display them in their room as the excitement to Christmas builds up!