FREE Epi-Pens?!

Have allergies? Get free EpiPens – Pictured, auvi-q injections and trainer
There’s a company that is offering FREE epinephrine injections, and you can get multiple doses delivered right to your door!
Kaleo Pharma recognizes the importance of making sure that everyone with a severe allergy has access to life-saving medication, which is why they’ve created Auvi-Q, an EpiPen equivalent. Auvi-Q is an epinephrine injection used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions in those who are at risk for or have a history of serious allergic reactions.
All eligible commercially insured patients can get Auvi-Q for $0 out of pocket, even if your plan has a high deductible! The complete terms and conditions of this offer can be seen on the Auvi-Q website.