Good & Gather Brand | Target

Target Good & Gather blue chips and guacamole
Target just announced its new Good & Gather brand, which is slated to become the retailer’s largest flagship food and beverage brand.
As a result of guest research, the new brand will offer a wide range of food and beverage products that prioritize taste, quality ingredients, ease of preparation, and value.
Good & Gather products will be made without artificial flavors and sweeteners, will contain no synthetic colors or high fructose corn syrup, and will be backed by a money-back guarantee. This new brand will be available in stores and online on for same-day delivery starting on September 15, 2019.

Target Good & Gather fruit puree
By the end of 2020, more than 2,000 food and beverage products will be sold under Target’s Good & Gather label including everyday staples such as milk, eggs, and cheese. The brand will also include new and trendy products such as avocado toast salad kits and beet hummus alongside classic grocery staples such as dairy, produce, ready-made pasta, meat, granola bars, and sparkling water.

Target Good & Gather Granola
As Target’s flagship food brand, Good & Gather will feature several product extensions including kids, organic, seasonal, and signature lines. Eventually, Target will phase out the Archer Farms and Simply Balanced brands, while reducing the number of Market Pantry products available as well.
Despite the elimination of familiar products in an effort to streamline the food and beverage shopping experience, guests will still be able to get most of their favorite products under the new Good & Gather name. Many of these old favorites, however, will be reformulated to meet the new brand’s ingredient standards.