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25th Anniversary FRIENDS Sets | LEGO

Lego Central Perk with Lego Phoebe
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, LEGO is releasing a brand new LEGO Ideas set featuring the iconic coffee shop where Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe spent over 200 episodes sipping coffee from oversized mugs on that famous couch.

Lego Friends TV Show set
Designed to look like the Friends TV set, this 1,079 piece LEGO set features the seating area, coffee counter and Phoebe’s stage where she famously performed “Smelly Cat,” and other classics. It also comes with seven minifigures, including the six you would expect plus Central Perk manager Gunther.

Friends TV LEGO minifigures
There are also tons of LEGO accessories included, like Joey’s “man bag,” Rachel’s tray, Chandler’s briefcase, Phoebe’s guitar, and more.

This LEGO set will be available for the retail price of $59.99 beginning September 1.