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New Coke Returns for Stranger Things Season 3

NEW Coke cans from 1985

Coca-Cola is bringing back a limited number of New Coke cans in honor of the upcoming third season of Stranger Things, which airs on Netflix on July 4th.

stranger things season 3 scene at the pool
The third season of Stranger Things takes place during the summer of 1985, which is when Coca-Cola first launched the new recipe for the flagship beverage. However, New Coke was a flop and was pulled off shelves shortly after it launched. But now they’re bringing it back for a limited time.
Starting at 5PM ET on May 23rd, fans will be able to purchase 12-ounce cans of New Coke online, made from the same recipe that sparked the 1985 revolt, as part of a bundle when they buy at least two limited-edition Stranger Things Coca-Cola or Coke Zero Sugar 8-ounce glass bottles.
Stranger Things Coca Cola cans and bottle
Also, FREE cans of New Coke will be available for a limited time in an upside-down Stranger Things inspired vending machine in select cities, starting May 23rd in New York. Plus, people who buy a ticket or gift at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta on select days during the week of June 3rd will have a chance to score New Coke cans as a gift.
Rumor has it that Coca-Cola has produced under 500,000 of these New Coke 12-ounce cans, so if you’re curious how it tastes.