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LEGO Braille Bricks!

these new Lego Braille brick kits will help kids learn braille like this young boy
The LEGO Foundation, whose mission is to build a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative and lifelong learners, just announced a new product called LEGO Braille Bricks!

These Braille customized LEGO kits will help blind and visually impaired kids learn Braille in a playful and engaging way!
Young boy touching colored Braille lego blocks
Each customized LEGO Braille brick will be molded to match letters, numbers, and select math symbols from the Braille alphabet. Plus, each brick will include a printed letter or character to allow sighted teachers and parents to work right alongside their kiddos!
The LEGO Braille kits will include 250 Braille Bricks in five different colors, along with ideas for teaching and interactive games.
teacher and student playing with Legos
The braille kits are currently being tested in multiple languages (including English), with an expected final launch date in 2020.
And, we saved the best for last – LEGO Corporation plans to offer these LEGO Braille Brick Kits FREE to select institutions serving visually impaired students!