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T-Mobile: Unlimited High-Speed Data for Select Customers (Starting 3/16)

T-Mobile storefront
Starting March 16th, T-Mobile will be upgrading select Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data at no additional cost on all their current lines.
Note that this upgrade will be valid for voice lines only.
Mobile internet lines will remain unchanged. Any lines added in the future may not be eligible for unlimited high-speed data.
To check if you’ve received this offer, go to your T-Mobile account and click on “manage data and add-ons”.
If you’ve been selected for the free upgrade, you may see it here.
Please note, if you have an existing Data Stash, it will no longer be available. If you don’t want unlimited high-speed data and want to keep your Data Stash, you’ll need to opt out of receiving your upgrade prior to 3/16.