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iPlay, Inc: Up to 50% off Select Items

For a limited time, iPlay, Inc is offering up tp 50% off select Items!

i play.® baby wear supports a child’s innate quality of being that is expressed through play. Swim Wear, Sun Wear, Organic Wear, and Outer Wear are designed for function and comfort to support movement, connection to nature, and having fun.

green sprouts® baby care promotes holistic early child development with functional Feeding, Toys, and Wellness items. They are made from safer materials to protect from the inside out, and to support whole learning and natural health.

grow healthy® baby fare offers the nutrition to establish the foundation for lifelong health. The food program provides real nourishment from nature’s principles by supplying the staples for homemade baby food, while encouraging the use of fresh, organic, seasonal, and local produce. 

grow healthy. grow happy.™ the whole baby resource is an educational initiative that provides practical information, activities, recipes, and gentle, holistic guidance for parents and caregivers to nurture their child's health & well-being. The resource includes a comprehensive and practical book and e-book, specialty books, and an information-rich and experiential website.