If you coupon, you obviously save money every month. But if you don’t coupon because you don’t have the time or you think it seems like a pain; you still got options!

Here are my tips on learning how to coupon without having to go to extreme measures:

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1. ONLY clip/print coupons for products you actually use.

It’s a rookie mistake to clip Every. Single. Coupon.
It's a waste of time when you're not going to even use it. Trust me, I've been there.

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2. Skip the binder and use an envelope instead.

Since you’re not clipping every coupon, you don’t need a 3-inch binder and baseball card sleeves - it might be overwhelming for beginners.

Get an envelope and put your coupons inside. An accordion envelope would be the next step up.

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3. Buy newspapers at Dollar Tree.

This will help get your hands on newspapers only when you want them (instead of committing yourself to a subscription).

If you start getting serious and you want to build a stockpile, you’ll probably want multiple copies of the Sunday paper.

Don't want to spend any money buying coupons? Print them instead! - at

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4. Print mobile coupons from at least two phone numbers.

When you register with to print coupons, you’ll create an account based on your phone number.

If you know another person who is willing to sign up and print coupons for you, it’ll be easier to stock up on the best coupon deals.

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5. Don’t print P&G coupons until the day you’re using them.

P&G has tightened their couponing restrictions.

You can no longer print Tide or Downy coupons and hang on to them for weeks waiting for a sale. Instead, wait for the sale and then print coupons — most P&G coupons will expire in 24 hours.

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6. Take a picture of every receipt.

Ibotta is one of the easiest and most hassle-free ways to save money when you shop. 

Download the app, and check for offers on items you just bought at the store. Take a picture of your receipt with the app and cash out through PayPal once you’ve earned a minimum of $20.
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7. Save an additional 5% with Target REDcard.

Get an automatic 5% taken off every Target purchase with your Target REDCard.

You can use it in addition to coupons or any other discount.

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8. Check Circle offers when couponing at Target.

You can find percent-off savings to combine with a sale and manufacturer coupons at Target. 

Add your additional 5% savings from REDcard and you’re going to save up to 50-70%!

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9. Sign up for store loyalty programs.

If you sign up for rewards programs at stores where you coupon, you’ll earn points that translate into dollars you can spend, or you’ll get immediate discounts — sometimes both.

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10. When you’re just starting, focus on deals for expensive items.

You’re bound to really see the savings on items like laundry detergent and diapers, and it’ll motivate you to keep saving.

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11. Refer to the stock-up price and be snobby about “meh” deals.

When you’re starting out, avoid coupon burnout by only leaving your house for stock-up-worthy deals.

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12. Visit clearance sections at drugstores and grocery stores.

While this is more of a hit-or-miss, I suggest checking out the clearance shelf at Target, Walgreens or CVS because you can find items for up to 75% less than retail price.

You may have a coupon for an item on clearance and get it for even less!

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13. Trade in used electronics at Target OR Best Buy and use the gift cards to coupon.

You can get gift cards at Target when you trade in old electronics and devices like iPhones, gaming consoles and tablets.

Other stores that offer a gift card for trade ins:
Best Buy
Game Stop