RECALL ALERT: Perdue Simply Smart Organics Gluten Free Chicken Nuggers

Simply Smart Organics

Perdue Foods has voluntarily recalled over 68,000 pounds (almost 50,000 bags!) of Perdue Simply Smart Organics Gluten Free frozen chicken breast nuggets because of the potential that some packages may contain pieces of wood.
Note that the recall is isolated to only the Perdue Simply Smart Organics Gluten Free chicken breast nuggets. These items were produced in October of 2018 with a “Best If Used By Date” of 10/25/2019 and UPC product bar code of 72745-80656. The package also lists an establishment number of “P-33944.”
There have been no confirmed reports of anyone getting sick because they consumed the products.
However, if you have any of these packages in your home, do not consume the product and contact Perdue Foods at 877-727-3447 for a full refund of your purchase. If you have additional concerns, you can contact Perdue Foods or visit the USDA website.