Keep Toys in Place with the Busy Baby Mat!

Eating out with an infant or toddler -- you know the struggle! Food is flying everywhere. Toys are falling on the floor. 

1. Small mat package.jpg

Here's the perfect solution: Busy Baby Mat
Made from 100% food grade silicone, this mat sticks to any smooth surface to provide a clean eating surface. PLUS, it comes with tethers to ensure your baby's toys stay close by and germ-free. Tether the toys to the placemat, and enjoy your meal. 

The Busy Baby Mat conveniently rolls up into a sleeve, making it easy to fit in your diaper bag. When you're ready to use it, just pull it out, stick it onto the table (or a smooth surface) and tether toys. The Busy Baby Mat helps learn socialization at an early age by replacing the mobile device. Though it may be an easy solution, we should NOT be giving our baby an iPad device. They will be very dependent on it in the long run.

LASTLY - the Busy Baby Mat can also be used:
* In the bath tub -- to minimize squirming
* On a glass window or sliding door -- to practice standing
* On the fridge door -- to keep baby busy and out from under foot while cooking

Busy Baby Mat is the first and only placemat on the market to actually keep baby’s toys in place! -- So click HERE to pre-order one on KickStarter.