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TIP TUESDAY: Products To Add To Your Skincare Routine At Every Age

When you mature so does your skin, and your skin care will need to adjust to your new skin problems. There are anti-aging moisturizers and products you can use, but you still have to add additional products if you really want to stay ageless forever. Here are my recommendations you should add to your skin care routine to look flawless through every decade.

20’s: SPF
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One thing I never used in high school was sunscreen. Even though I made it through my teenage years baking in the sun, I will look like your leather handbag by the time I'm 40 - unless my Asian genes miraculously hide it until I'm 80! No more suntanning. No more leaving the house without a decent SPF of 30+!

Unless you have a will to die of skin cancer and be a wrinkled mess, this is the time for you to use a daily SPF and hope the years of abusing your skin won’t turn into irregular moles someday. TRUST ME! I work in a Dermatologist office and I assist in surgery everyday!

My sunscreen recommends? Click HERE to view my favorites and more ahout UVA & UVB.
30’s: Retinol & Chemical Peels

As your cell turnover slows down and you’re going to look older fast - especially if you don’t let your skin get rid of the old dead cells. Basic skincare routine: Cleanser, Exfoliater, Moisturizer, SPF.... AND Retinol.

Retinol can be purchased under the name Differin - of course it won't be as strong as the stuff behind the counter. Ask your Dermatologist for a prescription of Retin-A (if you want the stronger stuff) but there's a chance it will not be covered by your insurance since it's considered cosmetic. The price of beauty!

 Keeping your skin cells fresh helps evenly distribute oils so that the tissue stays elastic and flexible. To help it even further, get chemical peels twice a year. OR invest in the NuFace Trinity device. A microcurrent that mimics the natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour, skin tone, and reduction of fine lines & wrinkles. 

40’s: Antioxidants

Your skin is thinning, it’s inflamed, and your hormones are going berserk. Stuff to look forward to. Retinol is still recommended, but your skin will get more dry as your estrogen levels sink. To combat the hyper-pigmentation and  inflammation that comes with hormone change, throw in an antioxidant serum that will even out your skin in the worst of times.

My recommendation:  Trilogy: Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +

50’s & Beyond: Oil

Now that you’re getting up there, your skin is DRY! Your natural oils are depleted, especially with your retinol usage. Now is the time to put some oil back into your system by using a night oil. You need to still use your SPF to prevent further damage, retinol to continue cell turnover, exfoliate so your dead skin cells comes off, and antioxidant serum to reduce inflammation. A night oil (or even thick night cream) will force some elasticity into your skin and keep it from stretching out too much and creating fine lines.

My recommendations:  Trilogy: Certified Organic Rosehip Oil
Dermalogica: Super Rich Repair