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Tip Tuesday: Why You NEED to get Regular Facials

Facials. Whether done at a spa or during an evening in, they’re undoubtedly a beauty must. Our faces are affected by so many elements daily – environmental problem to hereditary skin issues – that they require a great deal of our attention. No matter who you are it is hard to deny that you want youthful, healthy skin for years to come. In order to get that skin, one needs to put in work. Beyond diet and fitness, your next savior is the facial. At-home facials are fabulous for weekly maintenance and rejuvenation, but it’s the monthly facials that can revitalize and cleanse your skin like never before.

Your skin will change.
Consistency. Every 4-6 weeks but if time and budget allow more frequent visits, DO IT. I’ve seen cystic acne turn to mild congestion to clear skin. Deep wrinkles become fine lines. Damage and hyperpigmentation lighten up. Skin sensitivities and rosacea decrease. Of course, a good home regimen makes a difference but regular facials take it to the next level. 

Self-care is important! 
Stress causes inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to protect itself and it’s linked to disease when un-managed. Controlling your stress levels and taking care of yourself not only helps fight inflammatory diseases but wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, and rosacea too! Taking time for yourself with facials is about more than just vanity and looking good, it’s about a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Your monthly visit is a holistic approach to wellness, improving your quality of life by managing stress and calming your mind & body.

You can’t DIY everything.
Slapping on a mask and layering on a few extra products isn’t a facial, and you shouldn’t be doing it once a week. Your DIY facial is what I call maintenance. Most professional skincare lines use concentrated products with higher percentages of active ingredients. Estheticians are trained on massage techniques to get blood and lymph moving, draining toxins, lifting, toning and relaxing facial muscles. Then there’s the special tools and equipment used to maximize results. The long-term benefits of a professional experience outweigh your DIY routine.

Skin changes often. 
One month your skin might be acting one way, another month it’s completely different. If you aren’t in tune with your skin you may not even notice. Age, weather, hormones, lifestyle all play a role in your skin health. If something’s wrong, I’ll figure out why. I offer personalized recommendations and hand pick a regimen to give you the best skin of your life. An Esthetician properly assesses your skin, regimen, and lifestyle to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and experience possible.

Everything improves for decades if you treat the rest of your body right. Sounds like a win all around.