MOTHERHOOD: Happy 3 Months, Everly!!!

So much has changed over the past 3 months and every single one of those changes is for the better. Sure there’s less time for blogging, sleeping and doing my hair, but I’m so smitten with her, none of that matters. I’ll happily blog a little less, sleep for only about 6 hours, and rock a bun on a daily basis to spend just a little more time with Everly.

This last month has been such a joy. Everly is an absolute doll and so well-behaved. She’s smiling a ton, talking up a storm (more like babbling), and just downright adorable. I finally feel like I’m her Mom and not just her source of food haha. She’s the happiest in our arms and I can’t even put into words how that makes us feel. She’s growing up so fast, literally and figuratively. She’s outgrowing all her clothes and developing so much. When I put away her small clothes it makes me sad she’s not a teeny tiny baby, but I’m also excited for the next phases of her life.

 At 10 weeks, Everly weighed in at 14 pounds 2 oz and is measuring 25 inches in length. She is currently wearing 3-6 month clothing; literally just transitioned out of 0-3 months on the 1st of May.
She has found her hands and will suck on them any chance she gets. And because of that, she's super drooly - Everly is known to soak a shirt sleeve in a matter of seconds.

Everly only cries (or whimpers) when she has a wet or dirty diaper, hungry or tired. She yawns loudly when she's bored. It is so much fun watching her experience new things.

Someone is also an early teether! – it has been bothering little miss for a few weeks now. She normally settles by knawing on her fingers (or ours). We have a collection of teething toys but none seem to interest her. If you know of any teething products that work, please let me know!


Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother
While your natural instinct may be to tiptoe around your baby when they're fast asleep in the crib, it’s not really necessary. Their cozy home inside the womb was filled with constant sound, lulling them in and out of sleep. It can actually be difficult for babies to make the transition into a silent nursery, which is one of the reasons why sound machines are such a popular nursery item.

Zac and I absolutely LOVE the Sea Dreams Soother. It usually puts us to sleep before Everly does ;) The music has two sound settings: normal and loud; when on loud it can be pretty loud. Good if you're trying to get a screaming baby's attention, but not so great for other applications. The battery life is rather poor so be sure to buy our Cs at Costco. 

Dock A Tot Grand La Vie en Rose

There are just some nights where you are so utterly exhausted and there is nothing else you can do but bring your baby into your bed and snuggle with them all night long. And that is OK. One of the best tools, if you ever need help, is DockAtot! Designed in Sweden and made in Europe, these little baby loungers are well worth the investment to gain; peace of mind while they sleep, restful nights for yourself, easy travel sleeping arrangements and a portable tummy time/nap station. 

Infantino Hug & Tug Musical Giraffe
We call him Mr. Giraffe. It's her absolute favorite toy. She picked it out herself during our trip to Babies R Us.

Everly isn't not strong enough to pull it by herself yet, but she loves to hang onto the rings and kick it around. We've had it for almost a month and she doesn't let it go unless she's feeding or sleeping. It colorful, plays music, has the crinkle material that babies seem to love, teething rings, is big enough to play with and small enough for a baby to hold.


It's more like a love/hate relationship. Though I'm not complaining :)