MOTHERHOOD: Culinary-Inspired Baby Food w/ Plum Organics!

Disclaimer: I received these FREE samples via BzzAgent. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Babies start developing their taste buds in the mother’s womb and continue to form their most important eating habits throughout toddlerhood. With a mission of inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating from the very first bite, Plum Organics makes baby and toddler foods for every age and stage of a young child’s life. As the company who introduced the first spouted baby food pouch, Plum’s line now encompasses everything from Organic Formula to Fruit & Veggie Purees, Little Yums teething wafers, Super Puffs, Mighty Snack Bars, and even Mighty Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Furthermore, Plum Organics believes that every little one deserves the nutrients, vitamins and calories they need to thrive, which is why they continuously work with nonprofit partners in communities across the U.S., to help fight malnutrition by donating nourishing organic food and promoting nutrition education.

Mango & Quinoa. Pear, Sweet Potato & Red Bell Pepper. Pumpkin, Banana, Papaya & Cardamom. Beet, Apple, Strawberry & Chia. If these flavors don’t sound like your typical jarred baby food blends, you’d be correct. An updated way to walk your littlest one through his or her first foray into solids, these are just four of the ten mini-meals made by the folks at Plum Organics.

Utilizing USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, the Baby Bowls are split into two stages—Stage 1 (4 months and up) and Stage 2 (6 months and up). They include the unexpected flavors mentioned above, as well as Pear & Prune; Apple, Spinach & Avocado; Banana, Raspberry & Barley; Apple, Blackberry & Oat; Mango, Carrot, & Turmeric; and Pear, Cauliflower, Cherry & Raisin.

The Bowls are made from lightweight, recyclable, non-BPA plastic (which creates less environmental impact than glass jars). Meanwhile, the palm-size lid design makes them simple to scoop from, reseal, and stack on top of each other. There’s even a freshness marker on every bowl in order to signal if baby can still consume the purees (once opened) or if it’s time for the recycle bin.

Of course, the ultimate seal of approval for a brand-new product like this is a baby taste-tester.

SUCCESS! :) Everly loves it :) She wasn't too fond of the taste at first; it took a few seconds to process that it wasn't milk, but after that, she couldn't get enough. The texture is good; not too thick and not too runny either. It is pureed and blended well enough that I never worry about chunks being there that could block an airway. Everly gobbled it up without the need for the whole vrooming airplane-spoon routine! No tummy troubles after gobbling either.

 From pregnancy through the first two years, food helps spark baby’s growth, eating preferences and overall development; which is why giving a child nutritious options is important well before a child can speak. So whether you are looking for something healthy to introduce to your 4 month old or want a nutritious snack for your little preschooler, Plum Organics has you covered throughout every age and stage of your little adventurers’ life! Best of all, your baby's taste buds will appreciate supplementing a few bowls during meal time knowing they're getting better ingredients and a more unique flavor profile.