Japan Trip 2017: Days 7-10

We spent the last three days walking around Tokyo. Our FitBit read +/- 20 miles each day :)

 Zac wanted to try some Wagyu so I discovered  Onzoshi Matsurokuya. They only serve 30 guests for lunch so we definitely had to stand in line before they opened.

It was worth it.

We were treated to a traditional Japanese space with each table enclosed in their own room.  After seating us they brought out hot tea, confirmed our order, and had our meals within 10 minutes.  They provide instructions on how to eat the meal and explicitly instruct you to save some meat for the ochazuke at the end.  

The marbling on the beef was orgasmic and when it hits your mouth, the flavors just dissolve all over your tongue and takes over all your sense like a seductive trance.

Tsukiji Market

We came later in the day when the tours were over and the fish market was cleaning up. 
Sushi in the area ranged from $40 + 

We did stock up on this delicious Squid Jerky. He was very convincing.

We explored the Sumo Museum which was less than a mile from our Air BnB.

... and enjoyed a quiet walk through the park on the way back home.

Tokyo Skytree was about 3 miles from our Air BnB so we decided to spend our last full day walking there. To make the walk seem less strenuous, I was playing Pokemon Go :)

Our check in bag was filled with snacks. 

Our last meal in Japan -- we used the last of our Yen.

And stocking up on more Kit Kats at the airport. 

Zac and I definitely enjoyed Japan. We just wished we could've visited other regions like Kyoto or Yokohama. Transportation is quite expensive. We had spent $250 each for the 7 day train pass so...
Japan was quite an expensive trip, but it was definitely worth it. 

Would we go back? Definitely.