Japan Trip 2017: Day 4 & 5 - Mt. Fuji and Harajuku

A year later and I realized I never finished sharing pictures from our Japan trip 😝 Pregnancy brain!

Day 4: Full-day excursion to Mt. Fuji 🏔
(FYI: I always book our excursions on Viator.com. They're extremely friendly and helpful. With every vacation, I always do an extrensive research on excurions and Viator is always the cheapest ).

View of cherry blossoms along the way.

Even though it was cold and cloudy day, Mt. Fuji was still in plain sight.

You can bring home 'Air of Mt. Fuji'! 

Lunch with our tour group.

Boat ride around the lake afterwards.

Bullet train back home to Tokyo.

And a pit stop at McDonalds for dinner!
Sakura McFlurry, Teriyaki McBurger, Fries & Double Cheeseburger

Day 5: Harajuku

Pokemon Center!

American Pie Frap @ Starbucks!

Metropolitan Govenrment Building - 360 view of Tokyo!
And if you didn't know, admission is FREE! As much as we wanted to go to Tokyo Tower ($30 pp) and/or Tokyo Skytree ($20-$40) pp, you cannot beat the price of free.

Godiva: Green Tea Smoothie <3

The only store we stopped at in Takeshita Street was Daiso. 

And lastly, AYCE Japanese BBQ for dinner 🤤