Everly's Nursery Tour (& Decor)

If there's one thing I'm absolutely in love with (other than my husband and Everly) it's Everly's Nursery. I'm not an interior decorator nor do I claim to be, but I'm proud of what I accomplished while I was still pregnant. 😁 It wasn't easy walking around Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target & Homegoods at 40 weeks.

I believe in being original and creative when decorating & finding inspiration from all over the place. I'm not about taking other peoples ideas or replicating what someone else has already done; whats the fun in that? Do what YOU love, design something that you see for your child, something that you think will describe them well and that you both will feel at peace, at ease, and refreshed when you walk into their room.

I wanted to share with you Everly's Closet & Wall Decor. Why only those two? Her crib and rocking chair is in our Master Bedroom so as of right now, her room is sort of empty.

Collection of outdoor clothes.
All of her PJs are stored in my dresser.

Shoe collection.
She has more shoes than Mommy and Daddy combined. Jealous.

Gold-rimmed glass case was purchased at Hobby Lobby. 
The white box with collage pictures was a gift from Zac. Photos were taken professionally at the hospital. 

All Precious Moments Figurines belonged to Zac's Grandmother. 
'E' jewelry holder was purchased from Michael's.
Wood panel picture frames were made at Walgreens.

 Everly's Library :)
Bookcase and baskets was purchased at Target. Each basket stores her hats, socks, slippers and toys.

Picture frames were from Homegoods, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. 

These gorgeous white and blush floral decors were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Each photo on her gallery wall is special to me. I wanted beautiful words of encouragement, and beautiful floral pieces that suit her room.  

This birdcage holds all of her headbands and bows. I snagged it up from Homegoods and found the clothes pins at Hobby Lobby.

And I can't end my post without pictures of Everly in her favorite PJs :)

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