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Week 22: Soybean Update

As you can tell from my website banner, Zac and I are expecting a baby girl! :) (AKA: Soybean!)
Hence, the extreme lack of posts lately. Sorry! I've been tired (and lazy). I try to post when I get a chance. Luckily, my doctor/boss is on vacation until next week so I'll definitely have more time to sit down, relax and put all my thoughts into my blog. 

Soybean at 6 weeks - surrounded by our childhood stuffed animals.

Soybean at 13 weeks. 
She had the hiccups during this visit and kept moving around. 

Morning sickness? Nope! The only thing I experienced was just a loss of appetite. I definitely miss eating (raw) Sushi and my Starbucks Fraps. I still get them but in Creme form.
All signs pointed to me having a baby boy, so when I found out it was a girl, I was a bit shocked but still ecstatic. Zac is, of course, more excited because she'll be Daddy's Little Princess.
When I was little, I loved it when my dad came home from work because I'd run to him and tell him all about my day. 

This will be our first baby! Excited? Yes. Scared? Extremely. 
If you're a Mom, please share with me some tips! I'd love to hear them. Parenting tips. Baby essentials. Anything and everything would be appreciated!!! :D

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My 1st Baby Basics Class

I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant - exactly 5 months today. I've been craving sweets lately. Splurged on M&Ms, Gummy Bears, Sour Patch, and Starburst at Target the other day - damn Halloween section.
Definitely been urinating a lot more. Like 12 times a day. 
Soybean is kicking... A LOT. All hours of the day. 14 hours of sleep my butt :p When Zac tries to feel her kicks, she's as quiet as a lamb. Zac likes to say his touch calms her down. Ha.
Alrighty, I'll leave this blog post here. I promise to update more about my life on here! :)
The only thing I'm worried about is finding a maternity dress for my baby shower in 2 weeks! Target, Motherhood Maternity, and Nordstrom Rack have been *thumbs down*!
Any places you would recommend for me to go? I would like a dress I could wear again after my pregnancy. Just so that I don't waste my money wearing something only once. 
Frugal living, right?