Japan Haul!

As many of you know, Zac and I went to Japan back in April to celebrate our 1 year Wedding Anniversary :) (Yes, I know, it took me almost 5 months to finally post this.) It was a trip I had been dreaming about since high school. (Pictures of my trip are posted on my Instagram (@thesavingasian) if you would like to check them out.) 

We went for 10 days and stayed at an Air BnB in Tokyo. JR was our main form of transportation; however we did take the Monorail to get to the airport. Riding the bullet train was the absolute best! - one of our excursions included the bullet train.)
Zac and I mostly traveled to Japan for the food. We knew it would be an expensive trip - so we didn't want to spend too much money on souvenirs. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words - as they say :)

All items were purchased at:Pokemon Center - yes, just like in the anime/game there's a Pokemon Center where you can buy all things Pokemon related. We went to all 3 locations and each one were unique. 
Daiso - Everything is 80 yen (less than $1)! Compared to the States where it's $1.50. I definitely had to stock up on items here.
Don Quixote - Japan's version of Target, literally. Except it was 8 stories... so you'd spent hours inside.

Non-Food Items Haul!

My plan for Japan was to buy 2 things only: Snorlax and Cardcaptor Sakura Items.
I succeeded in finding Snorlax <3

Snorlax Figurine - Pokemon Center
Nanblocks: Snorlax - Don Quixote

Snorlax Plush - Pokemon Center
Snorlax Coin Purse - Don Quixote

Various Face Masks - Don Quioxte & Daiso ($0.75 - $2)

Miniature Food Items - Don Quixote ($3 - 5)
A local Japanese store near me sells these for $8 - $15 / box!

Makeup / Health items Haul.
I don't regret buying makeup items because I knew I had a full collection at home I still needed to go through. Waste not!

Biore UV Sunscreen - Don Quixote
I was told this was the most popular sunscreen item you can purchase in Japan. And only at $5!

Rohto: Lychee  - Don Quixote ($3)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these eyedrops. Do you get red, puffy eyes? 2 drops in each eye and you're white as white can be. It stings (like all Rohto eyedrops), but it helps to wake you up in the morning.

Eve (Ibuprofen) - Don Quixote
Alternative to Tyenol. I've only taken this once, and it didn't really seem to work for me. Maybe I'm just use to the stronger stuff :x 

Jelly Lipstick - Don Quixote
Found this bad boy on my last day in Japan. Even though it's a translucent lipstick, it puts A LOT of color on my lips.

Chopsticks - Daiso
Can't go to Japan without buying chopsticks :)

Swiss Roll and Nigiri Magnets - Don Quixote

Totoro Handkerchief - Don Quixote
Because it was too cute to pass up.

Hermione Granger Keychain
Penguin Figurine
Purchased at Gashapon (Vending Machines $1.80)

Sushi Stickers - Daiso

Pokemon Folders - Pokemon Center

Gudetama Notebook - Daiso

Various Washi Tape & White Out Stickers - Daiso

Winnie-the-Pooh CD Sleeves - Daiso

Candy Haul!!!

As you can see, it consisted mostly of flavored Kit Kats and Pocky. 
If you go to an Asian supermarket in the States or regular candy shoppe, the Kit Kats would be priced around $8 - $10 a bag. In Japan, it costed no more than $5 - cheapest was $2.
We bought ALL the flavors we could get our hands on. Typical tourists ;P

Misc Candy Haul (mostly Green Tea flavor) - Don Quixote

Japanese Hi-Chew! - Don Quixote & Daiso

Yes, BBQ Cheetos & Sakura-flavored Shrimp Chips *_*