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T & Z Travels: Shibuya, Shinjuku & Asakusa, Japan (Day 1 - 2)

Husband and I are still jet lagged from our 10 day trip to Japan. I'm actually recovering from a bad cough and terrible stiff neck right now :( I have spent the last 3 days in bed trying to catch up on my blogging. So I apologize in advance for any delay :)

I posted a lot of pictures on my Instagram (@thesavingasian), but here are some more pictures for you to enjoy :)

D A Y 1 - LAX -> SF -> Tokyo!
Our 12 hour flight was uneventful.
We picked up our JR Rail pass at Haneda airport and were annoyed to find out we weren't able to use it on the subway. If you have been to Japan, you would know that the JR Pass is NOT cheap. $250 per person :| So for us to find out that we will be spending extra money to get to our AirBnB.... I was not a happy camper.

Tokyo Skytree! ... view from our AirBnB home. 

It took us over 45 minutes to figure out a route to our AirBnB, but we eventually made it home. We were both exhausted and hungry. 

I am extremely thankful for our AirBnB host, Tsubasa, to give us a portable Wifi during our stay because we used Google Maps like no other.

We came across a curry restaurant while walking to our AirBnB home. So once we dropped off our luggage, we wandered back and ate some. It was delicious. Meals ranged from $6 - $10.

On our walk back home, we noticed Senso-ji Temple from a distance (we didn't know we were so close to Asakusa!) so off we went.

We wandered away from Nakasmise Street and stumbled across Italian Gelato!!! For 500 yen ($4.50) we tried Sakura, Green Tea and Strawberry Milk. It was delicious :) We went back on our last day just to get more of the Sakura and Green Tea.  

Our first cherry blossom sighting. 

D A Y 2 : S H I N J U K U & S H I B U Y A

We woke up bright & early (not really. I couldn't sleep!) to wander over to Shinjuku at 9:00 am. It wasn't until we discovered that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was closed (probably because it's a Sunday), and no stores (except for Starbucks and 7-11) would be open until 10:00 am.

Not knowing what to do, we wandered around Shinjuku Park and discovered Lawson 100 (where everything is 100 yen - $0.90 USD) across the street and stocked up on snacks.

Windy morning.

Not knowing what to do in Shinjuku we wandered over to Shibuya!

At 10:30 am Shibuya Crossing was not busy yet.

Lunch @ Coco Curry. Pictured: Cream Croquette Curry.

Husband ordered Beef Cutlet Curry.

After lunch snack.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Green Tea & Milk Tea!

 Hidden shrine off the main streets of Shibuya.

We went shopping at Shibuya 109. Alot of women's clothing stores, but unfortunately, I didn't purchase any clothing while in Japan. Clothes are not cheap (sadly enough)... or maybe I'm just cheap 🤷 Hubby also didn't find anything at Men's Shibuya since it was geared more towards the J-Rock crowd.

We had tickets to go to Robot Restaurant at 4:00pm in Shibuya. So off we went...

We heard about Robot Restaurant from an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. He proclaimed that it was, “The greatest show on earth!” Agreed. There is NOTHING like this and it could only happen in Japan. It’s sort of like a Medieval Times dinner theatre experience except with robots and the same sort of level of cuisine, one might expect.

Alot of crazy $hit went down. It's not really family-oriented. (Trust me, kids were crying half the time or just passed out sleeping) Depending on where you purchase your tickets ($60 - $80), I'd be mad if my child passed out.  

Afterwards, we went to get sushi at a revolving sushi bar.