08 March 2017

WEDNESDAY REVIEW: OhmConnect - Save Energy. Get Paid.

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No one said being a grown up is fun. You have bills to pay. Lots and lots of bills.
Zac and I spend up to $200 per month on all of our utilities. I wouldn't say that's terrible, but every little cent counts. Living a frugal life, you find ways to save money. That's when I came across OhmConnect. California residents can sync their utility accounts to OhmConnect. This helps the company earn money when consumers reduce their electricity consumption, and in return, we get paid as well! That's basically what all California Residents have to do to earn up to $300 a year for reducing their electricity usage. The OhmConnect program rewards individuals for saving energy for an hour a week.

Don't trust me? Zac and I have participated in 2 #OhmHours, and here are the results.

We are ready to cash out $21.29 :)

UPDATE: 02/27/17
As of 02/27/17, we are up to 3309 points; meaning we can cash out $33.09. We do approximately 2 - 3 Ohm Hours per month so not too shabby.

Ready to join?!

To do so, California residents can sign up for OhmConnect and sync their online utility accounts via PG&E, Southern California Edison and SDG&E. Those who sign up can earn an easy $20 for syncing their accounts.
Users will then receive energy usage notifications to minimize their power during high-energy consumption hours called "#OhmHours". During the #OhmHour, households can turn off their lights, televisions and other electronics to help decrease energy demand.

Since high energy consumption periods active non-green power plants to support the demand, it's costly for the Calfornia electricity market and damaging the the environment. That's why OhmConnect is getting paid to help reduce energy demand and passing on the savings to consumers.

As a result, users earn money for not triggering unclean power sources. They also save their own money for slashing power usage and are able to earn points for referrals through the program.

It’s really that simple — and you’re helping save the planet. In conclusion, everyone wins and Californians are rewards for going green!
 Click HERE to join now!!!