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WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

Do you shop online a lot? Did you know you can get cash back for doing so?! No joke.

Ebates.Com lets you earn cash back on your online shopping to a lot of your favorite online merchants. Ebates is FREE and if you're going to shop online anyway, why not earn some cash back for what you're already doing? No, there aren't any catches! You lose absolutely nothing when using the website, nor do you pay extra for anything when shopping online. 

eBates works with other major retail companies to bring customers various amounts of money back on their purchases. Each place will have their own cash back percentage. If you sign up today, Ebates will give you a FREE $10 gift card. Here's what you do: Create an Ebates account (by clicking HERE), choose your $10 gift card (Target, Macys, Walmart, or Kohls), and then make a purchase of $25 or more through eBates and you earn a free $10 gift card. Please note: This only applies to new sign ups. Also, when I say "Purchase of $25 or more", I mean, your cash back has to total up to $25 before you can earn your gift card.

eBates has some of your favorite merchants like: Old Navy, Sephora, LEGO, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target, and lots more.  You can also check out deals like the Daily Double that features a merchant each day with double the cash back.  

You have the option to receive your earnings either mailed to you in a check or through Paypal. I don't even shop online anymore without checking out Ebates first.  Though t
here are countless times I've made purchases and facepalmed myself because I forgot to go through the actual Ebates website. But like I said, you don't lose anything so it's not that big of deal. It's just that knowing you could of gotten that x% amount of cash back but didn't, could be annoying.

Here's the tip I really wanted to share on my blog today. So traditionally you go to Ebates and find the website you want to shop at, and then click on that orange 'Shop Now' button provided. You'll then see a 'Tracking Page', and lastly brought to the regular website. That's it! You'll receive an email within 24 hours stating how much cash back you earned from shopping online ;)

Just to fill your curious minds, I have received over $500 in cash back, and have only been a member for over 6 years! I'm an avid Target, Nordstrom and Groupon shopper, so I highly recommend using eBates to get cash back!

Click HERE to sign up for eBates for FREE today, and start earning cash back.