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Week in Review: 02/19 - 02/25

It's currently 9:30 PM PST and I realized (as I'm watching my favorite movie, The Fifth Element) it is 16 more days until my 1 year Wedding Anniversary! :O I never really had a chance to sit down, blog or share anything during our first year as a married couple. The reason is because we had just moved into our new apartment (moving again in 3 months!), and started new jobs (and school, for me). We needed to get acclimated to our new schedule. I was at work from 8 - 5 PM and school from 6 - 10 PM. It was strenuous. It was hard, but after 8 months I managed to graduate. A month later, I took my State Board Exam and became a Licensed Esthetician :) Along with my Medical Assistant Certification, I am now currently working at a Dermatologist office.

The question I get asked the most is if I'll be going back to school to be a Registered Nurse. My answer: No. I enjoy my career now. I'm satisfied with where I am. Plus, there's no point in going back to school for another year, and then starting a family soon after. I plan on being a stay-at-home Mom where I make my own schedule.

With March coming up I really want to start sharing more of my life story on here. I wish I could do YouTube videos, but I'm not charismatic enough... nor can I vlog when I'm at work :| 
I would however like to incorporate a 'Week in Review' post, sharing with you what I did go through when I'm not at work :)

Let's Go to Lolli & Pops!

"Rub my Belly for Sweet Luck!"
My friend, and former co-worker, wanted to catch up. So while Zac is at school Wednesday night, it was the perfect time to hang out. We went to the mall right across the street from the college. 

A new store called, Lolli & Pops had just opened up. The vintage style of Lolli and Pops lured me in and it was an amazing (and slightly dangerous) find! With a selection of over 600 sweet treats, there is something for everyone here!


If you ever wanted to go to the Willy Wonka Factory, think of Lolli & Pops as the Gift Shop at the end of the factory tour. You'll find every candy you ever wanted there! 


My parents bought an iPhone for Christmas (though I didn't really have it in my hands until mid January); yes, I'm in my later 20's and have survived this long without a smartphone). To be honest, I miss my brick, slider phone. I did, however, own an iTouch and iPad Mini so I wasn't completely out of the loop. Most of the apps did not work like they do on the iPhone. 

I ended up downloading the Snapchat App and messed around with the filters. 

It was fun for about 10 minutes until I realized how stupid we looked lol.

Pokemon Go!

I was also FINALLY able to play Pokemon Go... and discovered a Hoothoot in my closet!

AYCE Korean BBQ!

And TODAY! My husband was craving AYCE Korean BBQ... and he got what he asked for :)

I researched a few places around our area and the cheapest was Seoul BBQ Buffet at $14.99 per person. It's your typical AYCE Korean BBQ Restaurant, but a buffet. Bulgogi, Brisket, Chicken Teriyaki, Pork, Squid, Mussels.... every meat you can think of. The sides are endless as well. 

When we were checking out we received a bill for $20.99 per person. I informed the waitress, but she had the audacity to say I was wrong even though I showed her the restaurant's website. The coupon stated $20.99 per person for dinner, and $14.99 for lunch. We arrived at the restaurant at 12:30 PM, so clearly we were eating at the lunch price. The website did not state anything about the weekday or weekend. 

She ended up ignoring what I had to say and walked away. So professional! Another waitress (the one that had been helping us from the beginning) came up and asked to see the website on my phone in order to show it to her manager. Few minutes later, the manager came by and apologize for the mix up. She honored the lunch price for us stating it was a mix up on their part as the fine print was not listed. 

 Would we return? Possibly. It's good comfort food for a lazy Saturday.