25 October 2016

TIP TUESDAY: Bullet Journaling

It's Tuesday... and my last day off of work (yep, I had a four day weekend). I told myself I would be productive and clean the house. Nope. Zac and I were couch potatoes all weekend. We even had plans to go visit a pumpkin patch; that did not happen :/ It's terrible. Luckily when Zac is at work during the weekday, I find some time to blog! Especially when it gives me time to research and learn about something that I've wanted to research and learn about for a very long time.

Bullet Journal! What is a bullet journal?!

You start with a blank notebook. Preferably one that is sturdy enough to be tossed and carried around all year. Also preferably one that has good paper quality, pre-numbered pages, and probably dotted or gridded paper (though you can use lined paper notebooks, like myself).
The most confusing part about a bullet journal is: it is what you want it to be.
Daily task log?
Monthly goal planner?
Weekly planner?
List of movies you've seen or want to see?
Habit tracker?
Gratitude list?

Sample bullet journal spreads - hellobrio.com

Or do you want to have one of the above, a combination of the above, or all of the above?
Again, a bullet journal is what you make it.

The most basic way to use a bullet journal is to use it as a daily log, where you start each entry with the day, and then you make a list of the tasks you wish to complete, and check them off when you're done.

I tend to wait until last minute to plan what blog post is going to be published tomorrow. I don't wake up every day with a solid plan, and I feel like most of the stuff I get done is reactionary to the emails I get that morning. Yuck. Not living intentionally by any means. Oh, and then I zone out by watching hours of crappy TV or Youtube (I have an addiction, I know I do).

Seeing everything mapped out for the month instantly cooled my brain. I also relished in jotting down eight or so blog post ideas for the coming months in the back of said $1 planner.

The recurring spread helps me to get a harness on things that happen every month, week, day, specific day, etc, so I can plan ahead each next day accordingly.

Monthly spread: see the month at a glance and also get a good monthly goals list going on.
Monthly tracker: get a hold on how I'm performing on the habits I wish to do daily.
Weekly spread: made at the beginning of each week.
Daily logs: to include the regular tasks and events

I want to keep the rest of my brainstorming in the back:
Blog post list
Social media milestones
Books I want to read/books I've read
Etc, etc.

I plan to post about my bullet journal experience here, in addition to regular content. Let me know what you think—is this up your alley?