15 August 2016

Weekend Recap: Honeymoon, Penny Dreadful, Pure Beaute!

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It's Monday! And we're all back at "work".
Zac and I spent our Sunday cleaning & organizing our home. That's when I decided to dig into my SIM card and realized our honeymoon pictures were on there. Oops! Kind of sad, is it not? Now that I have graduated from school, I am so relieved to have more "us" time. Its definitely a "Get out of Jail" Free card :)

Penny Dreadful Poster

I have binged watch all 3 seasons of Penny Dreadful (I started Thursday afternoon) D: Mmmm... that Dorian Gray <3 If you haven't heard of it... think of Once Upon a Time, but extremely dark and twisty. I also started to watch Stranger Things. What are your thoughts on these shows?
If you have not yet noticed, yes, my business (Pure Beaute) is up and running! If you live in Southern Calfornia (more specifically - Orange County), please check out my website. I peform facials, waxing and chemical peels! All are customized to your skins specific needs. I am offering 50% off select services to the first 20 people that book an appointment, so PLEASE send me an email at purebeaute.oc@gmail.com! :) And if you didn't know,  I come to YOU! Yes!

Here are a few of my honeymoon pictures! - I'll post more tomorrow ;)