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I went to Beauty School. This is what happened.

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"Run. Run away and never return." - Scar (The Lion King)

As a former student, I would like to tell prospective students to NOT come here. I recently graduated from the Esthetician program, and let me just say, it's not worth the 600 hrs. The Summer semester students started in May - they were at 200 hours when I graduated - and are ready to quit.

Administrative staff is run by a bunch of (I would say headless chickens but that would be an insult) idiots who don't know shit from their own crap. Rules change every single week. AND YOU HAVE TO SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY IF YOU WANT TO USE THE SCHOOLS WAX. No, you can't bring in your own due to liability issues... So how else are we going to learn? We paid the tuition + school kit for a reason.

The school kit should not be worth $1800, esp if the Dermalogica Kit costs $500 on its own. As for the remaining $1300, I can only assume it was purchased at the 99 cent store. The school also offers a monthly student store - which are expired products sold to us at 20% off retail - products that they are unable to sell to customers. Yes, expired, crusty smelly, leaking products that have been sitting in the supply closet for who knows how long.

OH, did I forget to mention? The administrative staff can take away your hours when they want and not tell you. So when you're about to graduate you're smacked in the face with "No, you have another 4 hrs." 

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Linda: the chain smoker - has no customer service whatsoever. She has never once smiled when anyone talks to her. If she does, you can tell it's a forced smile. Rude and disgusting; judgmental the minute you look at her.

Natalie: The noob. All of her answers are "I don't know. I don't know." Why are you working here if you can't answer a simple question? There's no point in scheduling an appointment for me to come in and then  leave and have someone else do your job for you. And I cannot take you seriously with your terrible dyed, pink hair.

Image result for advance beauty college taylorTaylor: Her accent that goes in and out - so you're always wondering if she's really from England. The one person that made everyone's life horrible because she can't do her job. I shouldn't have to take orders from a 21 year old who doesn't show me or any of the other Esthetician students respect. 

The instructor(s) I did get along with. Show them respect and they will do the same - that's just common sense. I can tell they're overworked because the rules kept changing every week. Their monthly staff meeting consists of them reading Yelp reviews and figuring out ways to improve.

Here's my advice: Get a new administrative team who knows what they're doing and knows how to smile!!! The current staff should get a job as a Walmart greeter and learn to say "Hi. How are you?" Instead of "yes? What do you want?" - yes, that's how disrespectful they are. Because of them my final days at this school were miserable. There's a reason why 2 of the Esthetics teacher quit.

They're never clear with what they want or need, and act like 14 yr olds PMSing cause they aren't getting their way or if we ask too many questions. I don't know how much I have to say it but seriously, go someplace else. It's not worth your insanity. Otherwise, the Esthetician Students are discriminated here.

You have to clock in and out - so when the machine breaks down, you literally have to harass the administrative staff to get those hours otherwise 6 months pass by and they haven't done shit. 
Other than that, I did enjoy my time here at Advance Beauty College. I learned the facial basics, paid extra for the Image Skincare Chemical Peels class (so worth it), and made lifelong friends. I just wished they offered eyelash extensions, Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion ... Otherwise, go someplace for your school.