03 July 2016

Week(s) in Review 6/26 - 7/3

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Here's my week(s) in review for you:
Zac and I are on a bag of Lay's Chips! :D No, it's not sold in stores ;) (I wish!)
I posted the deal up a few weeks ago - have you received yours yet? If your image is approved, Lay's will mail you out a FREE bag of chips - with your image on it!
How cool is that?

Tory Burch Cosmetics are now being sold at select Nordstrom Rack stores! - over 50% off retail.
I managed to snag 2 cosmetic palettes, face brush, 2 lipsticks, and a cheek & lip tint. I am wearing Tomboy in the top middle picture - it's my new favorite lipcolor!
Shall I do a review on these makeup products?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was at a local Tibetan Temple 2 weeks ago. Even if it was for a few seconds, I feel blessed to have seen him.

I was sent a personalized 'Z' necklace from Cents of Style. Perfect timing because it arrived right on our 1 month wedding anniversary :) This personalized necklace was something I've had my eye on for quite some time, and I am thankful to Cents of Style for sending me one. Thank you!

Last but not least, Zac and I are going to Japan next year! :DDDDD This trip has been a dream of mine for over 12 years now.
If you have ever been to Japan, can you please recommend places to go see & eat?!

That is all for now :)