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I received a couple of emails from York Photo to order from them.
No, they didn't email me personally, nor are they sponsoring this post (which I would find hilarious if they did). It was one of those emails where they're offering an amazing deal that's too good to pass up. How they got my email? Who knows!

I had received all of my wedding pictures on a flash drive and thought it was time to order a wedding album. The York Photo offers that caught my attention were:
Buy 1 Get 2 FREE Photo Albums
Plus, 20 FREE Photo Prints (for New Customers)

It took me a couple of days to put together the albums, and in the end, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I received an email stating my photo prints were mailed out first (w/ no tracking number). Understandable because I can only assume those would process faster.

1 week later.I receive an email stating my photo albums have been mailed out (w/ a tracking number).

2 weeks later.Nothing.

3 weeks later. My photo albums arrive! I opened them excitedly, and to my horror, 2 of the pictures were blurry! AND on the 1st page of the book, there was a giant (+) sign next to my face! Just an FYI, yes I did indeed preview the albums before placing an order. Nothing was blurry. There were no weird symbols on the pages.

So, I contacted customer service. Ifeoluwa and I emailed back and forth. He refunded me my photo prints (which still to this day I have never received), and was asked to mail back the photo books where I would have to fix the pages myself, because apparently it was on my end. The pictures I had uploaded were high resolution photos from my wedding photographer herself... so for the pictures to be uploaded all blurry, I don't think that is on my end.

I was never told anything about having to pay extra when re-ordering, but indeed I was charged the full amount upon checkout. Once again I emailed Ifeoluwa, and he kept giving me weird refund amounts (no charges for the additional pages) and that no matter what it was MY FAULT that the pictures were blurry. I would have to pay for the $12-something dollar shipping and there's nothing he can do about it. So much for customer is always right, right?

I ended up calling Customer Service to try and resolve this, but the first person I spoke too ended up transferring me to Ifeoluwa. Oh joy! He spoke to me with an attitude, of course, and stated that whatever I wanted it is not going to change. It was my fault and there was nothing he can do except offer me a coupon for 50% off.

This website is ridiculous.
You will never get the photo prints you order (so don't get sucked into their deals). Their photo albums are mediocre at best (if you get one that doesn't have any weird clip art). And as with 90% of customer service, you'll get transferred to someone who barely speaks English and blames you for their mistakes.

Stay away from York Photo!