21 June 2016

Dollar Tree: Inexpensive Items!

I stopped by Dollar Tree a few days ago to pick up some cookies for Mr. Saving ;D
And I noticed some AWESOME deals for you!

I didn't have my coupon book with me (HUGE COUPONER MISTAKE)! These would've made an amazon deal pair with coupons.
I checked the expiration dates (ALWAYS CHECK!) and all items did not expire until 2017.

Mucinex & Excedrin, 20 ct

Travel Pack, Wet Wipes, 30 - 40 ct.

Triaminic Cough Medicine

Flamingo Paper Plates! :D

Pineapple Straws, 16 ct

FYI, items varies by location.
Be sure to stop by your local Dollar Tree and let me know what you find :) And don't forget your coupons!