18 June 2016

Air BnB: $25 off First Trip (NEW Customers Only)

Heading to San Diego Comic Con?! Have you found a hotel yet?
If you haven't... Don't pay to stay at an overpriced hotel. Sure, you may or may not run into a celebrity, but do you seriously want to spend (up to $700) to stay in Gaslamp? :/ You can save that money for a Funko or Mattel Collectible ;)

Stay at Air BnB instead!
You can choose to rent out a house or just stay in a bedroom. Either way, you'll save $$$! Zac and I managed to book our home a few months ago for only $50 a day! AND we will be save parking money by taking the trolley to the convention center :D We will also be bringing our own food to cook so ... once again, even more money saved. Wheee!

Click HERE to get $25 off your FIRST Air BnB trip! :)
P.S This post was NOT sponsored ;)