25 November 2015

WEDNESDAY REVIEW: St Croix's Rainforest Hike

St. Croix is blessed with many different types of terrain - the lushness of the west end and the rainforest, the arid climate and cactus on the east end, the high peaks and gentle plains that line the mid-island coastlines. Going for a hike on St. Croix is one of the best ways to experience the truly beautiful views, often unseen from the main roadways. Several well-known hike trails will lead you to secluded beaches for unparalleled snorkeling. Others will lead you to historic sugar plantation ruins. To take an amazing hike, your best bet is to hike with a guide who knows St. Croix well.
Matt & his wife, Carmen, took us on a guided Rainforest Hike tour, and what a fabulous hike through 7 acres of rainforest. They brought us to their home (by riding in the back of his pickup truck) which is in the rainforest. Throughout the hike, they gave us a history lesson on the sugar industry, the island, and the emancipation of the slaves on St. Croix. Next we wandered through another part of their property and saw a variety of plant life indigenous to the Caribbean. Afterwards we went back to their place where they showed us their garden, had homemade lemongrass tea, and an array of fruit waiting for us.

Carmen and Matt treated us like family. They were extremely welcoming, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time on St. Croix with them.
If you're ever on St. Croix, please check out their shore excursion by clicking HERE :)

Abandoned Sugar Plantation

Termite Nest

After our Rainforest Hike, we relaxed on the beach with a $4 bottle of Beer & Rum :)