TIP TUESDAY: Save $$$ at Starbucks!!!

love splurging on Starbucks coffee, especially when all of the seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Egg Nog Fraps hit the menus! If you’re like me and are looking for easy ways to save on these treats, here are my money-saving tips :)

1.) Starbucks Rewards

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Download the FREE Starbucks app (iOS or Android) and sign up for the My Starbucks Rewards program.

After signing up, you’ll reach the Welcome Level and will qualify for a FREE birthday drink or treat (valid for 3 days from your birthday).
After making five purchases within 12 months, you’ll reach the Green Level which qualifies for FREE refills in store. Or, make 30 purchases in 12 months and you’ll reach Gold Level.

2.) Bring Your Own Cup

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Save 10¢ on tyour drink whenever you bring in your own reusable cup, mug, or travel tumbler. You can also purchase a plastic Starbucks Reusable Travel Cup (Grande 16oz) for just $2 at most locations that will save you 10¢ every time you bring it in.

3.) Order a Short coffee

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Did you know that Starbucks offers an even smaller size than their Tall 12oz drinks?

Order a “Short” 8oz specialty beverage that has the same amount of espresso as the Tall version, but is less expensive. Planning to add cream? Order a Short beverage in a Tall cup so you’re still getting the same amount of coffee…then head to the condiment counter and add complimentary milk or cream.
No sleep? You can also order a Trenta 30oz size beverage (available for select drinks) for about 50¢-$1 more than the Venti price.

4.) Ask For “No Water” With Your Tea

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Iced Tea in the pitcher at Starbucks is double-strength and watered down for your final recipe.

To get the most bang for your buck, request “no water” with your tea and you’ll be getting twice as much tea for the same price. Also, consider ordering your drink with no ice (or asking for ice on the side) to ensure that your drink is the strongest possible.

5.) Split a Venti Drink with a Friend

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Instead of ordering two Tall 12oz beverages, consider ordering one Venti 24oz beverage and splitting it with a friend.

A Venti 24oz Caramel Latte is priced around $4.65, whereas a Tall Caramel Latte would cost around $3.65 each!

6.) Don’t Order Bottled Water

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Ice and water used in Starbucks is triple-filtered, so it’s clean and delicious.

In fact, it may be even cleaner than the Ethos bottled water that is sold in-stores for around $2 each. So consider just asking for a FREE glass of iced water the next time you’re thirsty for some H2O.

7.) FREE Puppy Whip


If you are heading to Starbucks or through the drive-through with your furry friend in tow, consider ordering them a free “Puppy Whip” which consists of a small cup of whipped cream. 

These small cups of whip may also be great for young kids who want a treat in their own cup too. )