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Rick and Morty | REVIEW

Parents need to know that Rick and Morty is intended for mature viewers who can take the copious violence, alcohol consumption, and sexual content in stride.
 Rick and Morty centers on a degenerate relationship between an anxious, socially marginal teen and his lunatic lush of a grandfather who drags him into absurd schemes through time and space. In other words, there are no positive role models here; in fact, the show's foundation is the sadistic emotional control Rick wields over Morty. Violence is graphic albeit in a cartoon way, so you'll see body explosions, gushing wounds, weapon use, and some death. Expect some sexually suggestive stuff as well, with hints at nudity (a girl flashes Morty, although only the top part of her breasts is visible) and some bawdy talk about sexuality.
This show is awesome!!! :)

 It's a bit like an insane version of Back to the Future or Doctor Who mixed with Stargate. The cold opening in the pilot had me seriously confused, as I had no idea who the characters were, or what was going on, but that's clearly what they were going for. It's just so bizarre, and so much fun to watch.

All in all, Rick and Morty follows the ‘insane science adventures’ of Rick Sanchez, a genius old scientist, and his dimwitted 14-year-old grandson, Morty Smith. Yes, it’s fun, but that’s painting such a deceiving picture. This isn’t a cartoon for your average 10 year-old on a Saturday morning. It’s an Adult Swim show, so you know one thing for sure – it’s going to hit some seriously insane notes.