TIP TUESDAY: What Papers to Keep - and for How Long!

What Papers to Keep - and for How Long!

Keep for 1 Month:
- Credit Card Receipts
- Receipts for Minor Purchase
- Withdrawal and Deposit Slips; toss after you've checked them against your monthly bank statement

Keep for 1 Year:
- Paycheck Stubs
- Monthly Bank, Credit Card, Brokerage, Mutual-Fund, and Retirement Account Statements

Keep for 6 Years:
- W-2, 1099s and other Tax Returns
- Year-end Credit Card, Brokerage, and Mutual-Fund Statements

Keep Indefinitely:
- Tax Returns
- Receipts for Major Purchases
- Real-Estate & Residence Records
- Birth & Death Certificates
- Marriage Licences

Keep in a Safe Deposit Box:
- Insurance Policies
- Wills and Trusts 
- Deeds to your Homes