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LA Travel & Adventure Show 2015 | REVIEW

Travel lovers and enthusiasts gathered at the Long Beach Convention Center a few weeks ago to attend the 10th Annual Travel and Adventure Show in search of bargains, travel ideas, some cultural experience and overall family fun.

The LA Travel & Adventure Show is considered to be the largest travel show nationwide where anyone can have a whirlwind adventure without having to leave the city or having to pay the price of an airline ticket. Travel show guests and their families enjoyed the experience of rock climbing, scuba diving in a scuba pool, rolling around in a gigantic bubble ball and learning how to ride a Segway (for only $5).

Cultural performances held at the 'Global Beats Stage' entertained guests as they relaxed while celebrity guest speakers offered their own tips and experience on traveling. The show also included a plethora of exhibiter booths all featuring travel experts from around the world from Australia to Zimbabwe giving away samples, gifts and prizes; including vendors selling a variety of unique products to help make travel excursions more comfortable. 

Visiting the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is so beneficial. Every location you can imagine visiting, under one roof! In all honesty, Zac and I enjoyed grabbing all of the booklets each county had to offer. What we did NOT enjoy: 90% of the representatives ignored us. Yes, I can understand because we are a young couple ... we don't have the thousands of dollars to go on an extravagant tour you have to offer, but the way you're presenting yourself is how I am going to assume your people will act upon tourist. Don't be judgmental.

Because of that we did not enjoy our trip to this show. Even if we did ask questions, we were given blank stares or just shoved booklets in our face and ignored.

The booths we LOVED / Countries (or cities) we will visit in the future:
Great Britain
Big Bear Lake, CA

Only 4 representatives (listed above) actually took the time to explain to us about their county (or city), what to do, what to see and how WE should come visit them.

Zac and I have come to the conclusion that the LA Travel & Adventure Show is more for the older crowd who is ready to book their adventures right then and there. Yes, you can do this. We saw loads of discounts, and if you have the time and money, do it!