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Merry Brite's Rocking Plush Zebra | REVIEW

CVS's Merry Brite: Rocking Plush Zebra!

 My 2 year old niece LOVES her Rocking Plush Zebra!

She loves hugging his soft body, dragging it around the house, and riding it. Its been treated with alot of love - and is still in perfect, standing condition.

The Zebra is lightweight, which makes it easy for her to drag around the house. It is very soft and plush, which she loves to hug all the time. And of course, it is fairly low, which makes it easy for her to get down from the horse by herself, without the horse tipping over on her.  It takes very little effort to rock the horse, which is great for my niece.
 Overall I'd say this is one of the best gifts you could get for a young child. So soft and cuddly, the Plush Rocking Zebra is sure to generate excited squeals from its recipient. Premium quality and so incredibly low-priced that nearly anyone can start their own personal petting zoo.

As of 2019, my daughter has officially taken over and loving it as well :)