Why I do NOT shop at Walmart

 A reader asked me why, if I am The Saving Asian, I don’t shop for groceries at the store that has “Always Low Prices!” as its slogan. That’s certainly a fair question, given that Walmart has a reputation for being a money-saving place to shop.

I rarely set foot in Walmart, and it’s not because of some strong commitment to ethical shopping. No, I avoid shopping at Walmart mostly because I don’t like shopping at Walmart, and because I can save more money on my grocery bill by employing other frugal strategies. I have tried, earnestly tried, to give Walmart the benefit of the doubt and have been into the store recently only to have my feelings affirmed that Walmart is not where I want to shop.

Fluxuating Policies
It seems to me that they cannot make up their minds about what the policies will be.
Then, once you think they have it figured out, it changes again. Plus, the store on this corner is interpreting the rules completely differently from the store on that corner.

Uninformed Cashiers

The majority of cashiers I have encountered have no idea what the current corporate coupon policy is. Of course, I was even told by a Customer Service Manager that they just do not have time to train all of the cashiers thoroughly. That would explain it.

Difficulty Price Matching

This cashier doesn’t care. That cashier demands to see the advertisement. The one over there wants to read the fine print and call over a CSM to verify that they do indeed match the price on this deal.
It is so frustrating and time consuming! This goes with using coupons as well - and having to deal with the "huffers" standing behind me.

High Prices

 Regardless of what anyone says, Walmart is just as high as anyone else and on top of that, they do not offer rock-bottom prices. So, while you can use your coupons there and save some money, you cannot save the maximum amount possible because they just do not provide the opportunity.

Noisy, Crowded Stores

 It is just dirty and NO, I am not talking about the people. I am talking about the parking lot and the store itself. There is just this smell…

I later found out that the Walmart (by my parent's house) had some kind of sewage spill underneath the McDonalds inside of Walmart.

Sewage Spill + McDonalds = No No.
Cameras in the Fitting Room?

 Yes. I had encountered this when I tried on some Medical Scrubs a few years ago.
The lights attached to the mirror dimmed down, turned off and flashed back on. I looked above to see a flashing red light - taking a closer look it was a Camera. Is it illegal to have cameras in the fitting room? I would assume so. If not, it is definitely frowned upon.

The Exception

Medical Scrubs.
A set would cost me around $20 compared to specialty stores for around $50.

Black Friday
If you don't mind the normal crowds on Black Friday - this is the best time to stock up on DVDs, Games, and Electronics.
Situation #1

 Years ago while shopping for school supplies & medical scrubs, I noticed 2 guys following me around the store. They were big - someone you wouldn't want to mess with. I went into the fitting room to try on the medical scrubs. I stepped out of the room, informed the Fitting Room Associate that I needed a different size - the 2 guys that were following me were sitting on the benches outside my room - creepy?

I went to go get a different size and returned to find 1 of the guys closing my fitting room door and leaving. WERE THEY JUST INSIDE MY FITTING ROOM? My personal belongings were in there! - The Medical Scrubs were on the shelf next to the fitting room, hence why I left my purse behind. 

The Fitting Room Associate looked at me, shrugged and walked off.
Angry, I threw all the clothing items back, and called my sister informing her of the situation that I was being stalked. My sister and Mom came immediately while I was about to check out and the 2 guys walked out of the store. They ran and confronted them. Returning a few minutes later, they explained to me that "I had the look of a shoplifter and were Walmart's Undercover Security."
 I look like a shoplifter?!
Well, they were doing a horrible job at being "undercover". They looked through my personal belongings without my permission, and for Walmart to allow this to happen is unexcusable.
I have contacted corporate, and have yet to hear back from Walmart

If you have something positive or negative to share about Walmart, you're welcome to share it with me. Otherwise, the only Walmart deals I will share on my website are Black Friday ones.