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The Saving Asian Tip: How to Save Money at Disneyland

Mr. Saving and I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago; it was our first time going together :) I haven't been since I was 19 years old and I can definitely tell you a lot has changed - especially the prices.

This post is to help you learn how to SAVE money as well as other tips and tricks on how to enjoy your time at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Wear comfortable Shoes or Sandals.

 Thin-soled shoes of any kind are a recipe for disaster — the hot pavement (especially during the Summer Season) radiates up through them and they don’t cushion your foot against the cement walkways. It scares me to see girls walking around Disneyland in boots and heels. BOOTS & HEELS?!?!?!
You are going to be walking around (or stand) for hours - wear shoes that you are most comfortable in AND cushion-y.

 A light-colored ball cap or other hat with a brim is a great thing to have at Disneyland. It gives your face a little shade, which both keeps you cooler and helps prevent sunburn. And it prevents brown spots (aka: age spots) in the future.

Hats are sold everywhere in the theme parks but $19-$20 for a ball cap is the norm. It’s much cheaper to bring one along from home: you can get Disney-themed hats many places for much less.

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 You're going to need A LOT of sunscreen. And don't forget to re-apply every 1 - 2 hours. There is a lot of light-colored concrete everywhere at Disneyland, all radiating the sun’s rays at you from every angle. This can cause burns in the most unlikely places, like the backs of your knees and under your chin!

You can buy sunscreen throughout Disneyland, but it’s a lot cheaper, obviously, to buy it at home.

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Resort Tickets.

 It is much better to buy your tickets separately, outside of a package. The Disney packages do make things much more convenient, but the cost is a great deal higher. Or you can save extra money by buying online - in advance.

 Carpool! because parking is at a new high of 15.00 per car. There is not many other options.
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Avoid the Crowds.

 Because Disneyland sits on a mere 40 acres ...when it is busy you really feel it. When the amount of people reach a certain level Disneyland enforces traffic flows using guest control which means a lot more walking for you to get where you need to go.

The best days to go is Tuesday or Wednesday by far. The worst is Sunday due to the amount of Annual Passholders who live around Disneyland. Best time of the year is Sept – Nov and Feb – May. Please note that Spring Break is SUPER BUSY.
If you are traveling with young children who will want to ride Dumbo and the other “little kid” attractions in Fantasyland, I strongly recommend that you arrive at park opening and make a beeline for that area. Dumbo, in particular, is a very slow-loading ride and once the park has been open for an hour or two, the lines are huge. Get that one out of the way first! Peter Pan is another ride to do as early as possible.
If Main Street, U.S.A. is mobbed with people waiting for the parade (or just plain crowded because it’s a busy day), avoid the long slog through the crowds by going straight up the stairs of the train station just inside the entrance. Ride the train one stop to New Orleans Square and get off if you want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise or Splash Mountain. If you want to ride the Fantasyland or Toontown rides, stay on the train until the second stop at Toontown.
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 If you want to experience all the FastPass rides in Disneyland in one day, it’s best to collect it in this order (skip any that you don’t care to ride, of course):
Star Tours
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Indiana Jones
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
Child Swap (aka Baby Swap).

 Will you be visiting Disneyland with a child who is too short to ride some of the attractions you’d like to experience? You can still ride as long as you have two adults present, by taking advantage of the Child Swap, which is available on most height-restricted rides. When you enter the queue area, tell the Cast Member you’d like to do Child Swap. This allows the first adult to ride while the second adult stays with the child. Then the second adult can ride — without waiting in line again — while the first adult stays with the child.
Single Rider Line.

 If you don’t mind possibly sitting separate from the rest of your party, use the Single Rider line, which is available at Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin’ Over California, Grizzly River Run, California Screamin’ and Goofy’s Sky School. The Cast Members loading ride vehicles draw from the Single Rider line to fill in empty seats, so this line often moves much faster than the regular line.

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 Bring your own food: Disney has no problem you bring food into the park – just nothing in glass. Try and bring at least two snacks for every person in your party. Trail mix is great to munch on. But first things first... have a LARGE breakfast – common sense I know. But there have been times I have been SO excited to go to Disneyland that I forgot to eat breakfast. To give you a reference Whole Fruit (Banana, Apple or Orange is 1.79 / piece - no joke).
Zac and I enjoyed eating at Village Haus. We looked at all the other restaurants and came to the conclusion that Village Haus was cheaper, decently portioned and delicious.
Oh, and bring in your own water bottles. You can always fill them up at the many water fountains. Did you know that you can get free water from any service counter? Yep! You'll save over $2.70 every time you ask for a cup of water.

Enjoy your time at Disneyland and I hope this post helped you :)