The Saving Asian Tip: How to Save @ the OC Fair!

Zac and I went to the OC Fair today!

The OC Fair will be ending on August 11th - so be sure to go if you haven't already.
I wanted to share with you some tips on how to save some money while you're there!


 If you haven't noticed, parking is now at a whooping $10! - was $7 last year. BUT did you know, the OC Fair offers FREE parking as well as a FREE shuttle service?
Seriously! :)

Exit Bristol off the 405 and follow the signs to the Experian Parking Structure (475 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa). The shuttle runs ONLY on weekends from 10am - 1am; runs every 15 minutes. Save the $10 for a meal at the fair instead ;)


 Yes, there's FREE admission to the fair BUT only on Wednesdays.
OC Fair has a promotion called We Care Wednesdays. When you donate an item (each week is something different) you will get FREE admission + 1 FREE Carnival Ride per person!

If you can't make it on Wednesday, the OC Fair also offers discounted tickets:
Rise & Shine during the weekend between 10am - 11am and get $3 admission!!! :)

Admission is regularly: $11. $6 for Child 6+, FREE for Youth & Military.


 There's really no way to money on food at the fair.
I brought my own water - which SHOULD be fine (it was hidden underneath some stuff in my purse). Snack are allowed, but don't bring in full-entree meals.

Food is expensive but worth it. It doesn't hurt to splurge on deep fried food once a year ;)

My recommendations?

 Our breakfast @ 11am.

Zac ordered Pulled Pork Sandwich with Waffle Fries.
Waffle fries was a huge disappointment; extremely bland. The sandwich on the other hand was extremely juicy and tender :)

We also ordered the Garlic Butter Bacon Bits Fries before leaving the fair - which was another good recommendation to eat. So butter-y & bacon-y. Fatty goodness.

FREE Morning Star Sandwich sample!

Bring Cash:

 Most vendors don't take credit cards, and it's definitely not worth the $5 service fee at the ATM.

It was sleeping... in that position! So creepily cute! o__o

Rides & Carnival Games:
...  starts at $5.

Rides are worth it if you really want to ride it.

Carnival games, I believe, are NOT worth it. If you win a game, you get a small stuffed animal (which was probably purchased at the Dollar Tree)... sad to say. You have to play the same game at least 2 times (AND win) to upgrade your stuffed animal to a Medium-size stuffed animal.... and another 2 times to upgrade to a Large-size stuffed animal, depending on the game.

With each game starting at $5.... is it really worth it? Maybe, if you're really good at winning. For me, I'm better off going to Toys R Us.

One thing you MUST buy while at the OC Fair?

Papa Dan's Jerky!
If you LOVE eating jerky, Papa Dans is a MUST. They're local and the best. Oh, and they're the cheapest! I mean... $12 for 1 lb of jerky?! That's way too good to pass up.

Am I forgetting anything else?
It's almost 11pm and I'm pooped out from all the deep-fried still (still).