The Saving Asian Trip: Solvang Part 2 (Miniature Horses & Donkeys!)

If you are looking for a free place to take the kids and watch them squee over the cuteness of miniature horses be sure to stop by Quicksilver’s Mini Horse Ranch outside Solvang, CA. 

Mr. Saving and I spent less than an half an hour at Quicksilver’s Mini Horse Ranch and we really enjoyed this stop! 

The mini horses are adorable and there are tons of them. The scenery in Solvang is gorgeous and it adds to the enjoyment of this stop. 

The ranch is not a petting zoo but that doesn’t take away from anything! This is a place to stroll around with your kids, talk about life on a ranch and enjoy the landscape and uber little horsey cuteness. Off in the distance a neighbor had a standard size horse which really put into perspective how tiny these guys are!

I love simple outings like this because it goes to show that you can have lots of fun without having to break the bank.

At Seein’ Spots Farm, which is a few miles away from Quicksilver Ranch, all the animals are rescued from all over the country. Most of them are miniature donkeys, as well as a turkey, turtle, chickens, and a goat. 
This is a family owned farm, and completely free! Donation is highly
Definitely worth visiting to see the Half Donkey/Half Zebra!

The owners encouraged us to go and pet the miniature donkeys for as long as we wanted. 
If you have kids, they can ride on a miniature donkey!  - they're really calm and perfect for kids to interact.