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Frank & Son Collectible Show | REVIEW

Frank and Son Collectible Show is located in the City of Industry at a warehouse comprised of vendors who cater to enthusiasts of action figures, video games, trading cards, tabletop RPGs, and, most importantly, comic books!

Mr. Saving and I decided to visit this place for the first time today. Parking was horrid. Everyone parked anywhere they could find. (And I mean anywhere illegal).

I strongly recommend bringing plenty of cash because not all vendors take credit card. There is an ATM onsite but there is a charge for using it (just like at any anime/comic conventions). Since it was our first time here, we spent approximately 5 hours going up and down the aisle several times just to make sure we didn't miss anything hidden away in each of the booths.

The real hub is not the awesome cool new toys and collectibles they have, it's all the old stuff I grew up playing with. This is where reason and self control being a very painful battle with nostalgia... do I really need that Rogue & Gambit poster? No, but I still want it so badly! :/ Food is cheap cheap cheap! A taco food truck located at the front entrance selling $1 Tacos, $4 Burritos, $0.50 Water... Smoked pizza, eggrolls, chicken wings... etc! :) Not what I'm used to seeing when at a convention setting.

Two things that irritates me about this place:
(1) Some vendors have the audacity to sell a Avengers Lego set for almost DOUBLE the value that Target sells it for.
 (2) Lack of security. The 5 hours that I spent here, I did not once see security. There is always a need to have someone respond or react to a problem, crime or altercation. And with children attending, I would assume parents would want to feel a little more safe with someone watching over us. Just my opinion.

If you have any comic books, games, figurines, or trading/baseball cards you've been meaning to sell... bring it to Frank and Son! Many vendors will sell or trade on the spot!

Frank and Son Collectible Show is open only on Wednesday (3pm - 9pm) and Saturday (9am - 5pm). For all those Yu-Gi-Oh fanatics, Magic the Gathering players, comic book readers, miniature collecting, sport card searching maniacs: this is THE place to go. I can't tell you know much money you'll save here :)
And the best part...? Admission & Parking is FREE! If you weren't able to get tickets to Comic Con this year, go to Frank and Son Collectible Show. You won't have to deal with the dangerous crowd, overrated celebrities... and sci-fi crap.

For my haul, I managed to get my hands on a bunch of Simpsons comics ($2 - $3 each; Regularly: $160)!!!
As well at the Hulk vs The Avengers Set 1-5 ($13; Regularly: $14.95)
Wolverine ($9) and Thor ($10) Pop (Regularly: $9.95 - 12 each)
 Fangtasia shirt ($8; Regularly: $17)
The New Avengers Vol. 2, 4 & 5 ($5 each; Regularly $14.99)
 Butter Toffee Sunflower Seeds - Yumm ... ($2)

Total Spent: $140 ; Total Saved: Approx $150